Choy Lee Fut Training Methodologies

Fist Forms

In Chinese martial arts, forms are pre-defined routines performed by one or more practitioners for practice. Contrary to popular misconceptions, traditional form training in Kung Fu is very effective for fighting and is part of an all-rounded martial arts education. Another way to think of forms training is as blue prints of the system.

Choy Lee Fut fist forms are divided into the primary, secondary, and tertiary level. In addition to being a library of techniques, Choy Lee Fut forms focus on training particular types of energy or movement, to make an all-rounded fighter.

Primary-level forms work on building a strong horse stance, developing muscle, ligament and tendon strength, learning to generate the power from the waist and learning long-range hand techniques and kicks.

Secondary-level forms improve mobility in the footwork and adds a more complex and adaptable range of hand and kicking techniques, as well as throwing and grappling. They increase in complexity from primary-level forms by introducing elaborate techniques, different directions and trajectories as well as mixing both wide and short movements. 

Tertiary-level forms contains the most advanced forms and techniques, with the opportunity for the student to specialize to take advantage of their strengths and body type. This is also where the use of soft power and short range techniques is trained. 

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Weapon Forms

Why train weapons?

Weapons training of different kinds is a complement to fist fighting/forms. This type of training not only allows one the opportunity to become skilled with weapons, but to also strengthen the body and improve focus and fighting principles

Weapons are divided into several categories: long range, mid-range, and close range. These are further subdivided into hard, soft, heavy, light, flexible, double, and combinations of weapons.

Multi-Person Forms

Multi-person forms teach the partners how to use contact and apply the movements and techniques. They teach fighting concepts, conditioning and are trained with either fist or weapons. 


The wood dummies have long been a part of the system of Shaolin Kung Fu. These are training implements constructed to test different skills. They can be static or have moving parts. In addition, some dummies are designed for training particular weapons such as the pole, sword, and fan.


The Choy Lee Fut system has 19 different wooden dummy sets as a result of the legacy passed on from Choy Fook to Founder Chan Heung. Just like the rest of the forms, these are categorized into primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. Each dummy set trains specific techniques or are used to condition certain parts of the body. As the practitioner's skill level increases, so does the complexity level of the dummy system. Some of the higher level dummies are elaborate mechanical contraptions with built-in booby traps or designed to surprise the practitioner as well as ultimately raise skill levels. 

San Sou Techniques

Fighting techniques leading to free sparring.


Self-defense techniques for a variety of different scenarios.