Sifu Brian began his martial arts journey in 1996 when he enrolled into HupKwonDo classes in Baltimore, Maryland. He continued to train HupKwonDo until 2001, when he enlisted in the U.S. Military and left Maryland. While in the U.S. Military and traveling around the world, he continued to train himself until 2006, when he met Dragon Disciple Sifu Wojciech Konopka in Augusta, Georgia, and began training Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu under him. Sifu Brian is now considered a Leopard Disciple of Grand Master Chen Yong Fa,  fifth generation direct descendant of Chen Heung, and current steward of the Choy Lee Fut system, and continues to follow and spread his teachings.


Sifu Brian has had both the honor and privilege to attend multiple Choy Lee Fut international seminars around the world including China, Poland, and Australia. During these seminars he trained directly under Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa and alongside his Dragon and Tiger Disciples as well as fellow Kung Fu brothers and sisters. He was also fortunate enough to visit King Mui village in Guangdong Province, China, which is the birthplace of Choy Lee Fut and where the Ancestral School is located. He has also won numerous awards in form demonstrations while participating in many martial arts tournaments in the U.S.


Finally, Sifu Brian also began studying the Lohan Qigong system and traditional Lion Dance routines under Sifu Wojciech Konopka. He has attended multiple Lohan Qigong seminars and performed multiple Lion Dance celebrations for the Chinese New Year.