Sifu Brian began learning Chen Family Choy Lee Fut in 2006 and is a Leopard Disciple of Grand Master Chen Yong Fa. He has attended multiple Chen Family international Kung Fu & Qigong seminars around the world including China, Poland, Canada, and Australia. In addition, while in China, he visited the King Mui village in Guangdong Province, China, which is the birthplace of Choy Lee Fut and where the Ancestral School is located. He has also competed in national competitions, winning numerous awards in forms demonstrations, and has participated in national and international demonstrations.


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How do I enroll?

We encourage everyone to try a free class. This provides a great opportunity to experience the classes first hand and to discuss any additional questions you may have in person. Please take a moment to send contact information and we’ll be in touch to book in your free classes and provide information for attending them. 

Every school that teaches martial arts and qigong is unique. With the Tiger & Dragon Kung Fu School, we are honored to offer and train Chan Family Choy Lee Fut, a traditional Chinese system of tremendous breadth and depth.

Most kung fu classes will begin with a warm up of dynamic stretching, followed by technique combinations and stance training. Once the body is warmed up, each class will then concentrate on one of the levels listed in the class curriculum provided to students.

Qigong classes will be handled differently. Most classes will begin with light stretching, followed by basic breathing and/or walking exercises leading into form training.

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