Choy Lee Fut is an integrated system of diverse knowledge that combines traditional Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu) with traditional Chinese medical practices and the arts of Qigong and Tai Chi.

Choy Lee Fut is one of the most widely practiced Kung Fu styles outside China today. It is well known for its speed and power, its smooth circular body movements and its flexible footwork. It combines the powerful hand techniques characteristic of southern styles with the versatile kicks of the northern system. It emphasizes the intelligent use of strength and the combination of external force with the internal will.

Choy Lee Fut has a tradition deeply rooted within the martial arts of the Shaolin Temple. Chan Heung, our founder, spent 20 years learning his art from his three mentors: Chan Yeun Wu, Lee Yau Shan and monk Choy Fook, before combining his knowledge into one effective and comprehensive system. Chan Heung called it Choy Lee Fut to commemorate his teachers and the Buddhist origin of the art (Fut means Buddha in Cantonese).

Choy Lee Fut Founder Chan Heung

Our school strives to spread the teachings of Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa, fifth generation direct descendant of Chen Heung, and current steward of the Choy Lee Fut system.